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Garnett Netherwood Architects were commissioned by Neath RFC Limited to produce a feasibility study for a new 10,000 capacity stadium and the redevelopment of the existing Neath cricket ground to accommodate a new Rugby Centre of Excellence and training facilities. The study focused on an area of the town of Neath, known as “The Gnoll” and incorporates both the sites of Neath Rugby and Cricket Clubs, including their playing fields and facilities.

The commission aimed to identify the potential of the overall site with a view to stimulating further debate and wider consultation.

Neath Rugby Club has historically been a major part of Neath’s heritage and culture and the history of the club can be traced back to 1871 with the Gnoll being their home ground since the very beginning. The Gnoll also houses Neath Cricket Club who were set up in the 1840’s.

The main emphasis of this study focused on creating a 10,000+ spectator stadium to allow for the future expansion of the Rugby and associated clubs. In addition to the increased capacity the study also investigated how the Gnoll’s important location adjacent to Neath town centre can be maximised to create important amenities for the community whilst also proposing additional retail/commercial opportunities to help create a financially viable proposal.

Come on The Blacks!

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